Mixing and Mastering

mixrecallgif6Mixing Projects up to 24 tracks = $50 a Song (Resolutions up to 192khz 24bit)

Do you want to get that “Professional” touch to your mixes and you just don’t know how? Are tired of buying expensive plugins not knowing which ones are really worthwhile and useful? Well don’t worry let us do all the mixing for you! Send us your raw tracks in the form of Wav files up to 192khz 24bit and Midnight Circus will have a professional audio engineer mix your project for you! We have the latest in high quality professional plugins from Universal Audio, Waves, BlueTubes, Izotope, Melodyne, etc. Whether you need to tame a unrulymotu192x4 bass drum or you need to auto correct some vocals we have the tools and better the know how to get it done for you!

Mastering Projects up to 192khz 24 bit = $25 a Song

Do you already have a great mix and you just want to bring out that shine? Well our mastering services can do just that for you, we have worked with many artists with home studios to make their mixes shine and adhere to the standards of CD production. Get volume while not losing any dynamics, create an EQ balance that allows your project to shine. All for an affordable price! We can accept master files up to 192khz 24bit for mastering and can deliver your finished project both as a full resolution mastered wav and a CD ready wav file (44.1khz 16bit).


So Contact us now to get your project started!