A New Idea in Music Business

The music industry is changing daily! It is not enough for a musician to just make a demo and try and shop it for that elusive record deal. Those days are gone! Today a musician has to create his Marketing plan, packaging, run his/her tour, all while trying to creating great music. That record deal is now an independent release on the world wide market using ITunes, Amazon, Napster, etc. Welcome to the DIY world of music! Midnight Circus Productions is designed to help guide you every step of the way. From Recording your product (Live on Location or in the studio), to merchandising, to Promotion, to getting your digital downloads online, we are dedicated to giving our clients the tools and services they need to advance there music career!

Midnight Circus Productions is a full professional recording studio that has been in operation for over 30 years. Our studio has a two complete MIDI stations, one in the Live Room to capture that performance and one in the Control Room for overdubs, beats and soundtrack work with our projection system. Our LIVE room comes complete with Drums, a wide collection of Guitar Amps, Ampeg Bass Rigs, Vocal Booth and isolation rooms. Our control room is intimate and comfortable and is designed for mixing and soundtrack work.

The recording studio is specifically designed for the professional independent artist and has a track record of producing CD’s that get results. We are about the independent artist, we believe that the studio should be available when you need it. We only take on 1 or 2 clients at any one time, which gives us the ability to give our undivided attention to your project.